Guardian Angel Or Angel Of God Prayer Is A Catholic Prayer That is Often Taught To Children. It Is Sung For Protection, Love, And Prosperity. You can find it below, along with a pictures gallery for easier social share.

For many of us, the first prayer was that of a guardian angel whom we imagined as a slender youthful figure, dressed in a long white dress with two large wings on the back. Second was Serenity Prayer. As we grew, we adopted many other prayers that may have suppressed that childhood, so we may have forgotten the angels.

The Catholic Liturgy wants us to remember the angels at least twice a year: on September 29 when we celebrate the holy archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael as well as on October 2 when we commemorate the holy guardian angels. However, we must not overlook the fact that we mention angels at every Holy Mass in the “I Confess” prayer.

After confessing our sinfulness, each of us calls on the Blessed Virgin Mary, all angels, and saints as well as the faithful present to pray for him to the Lord our God.

Angel Of God Prayer

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide.



The word angel comes from the Greek word Angelos which literally means messenger, messenger, envoy. By angels, the Bible primarily refers to spiritual, heavenly beings who are in God’s service. In ancient times, God was imagined as a king in heaven surrounded by a multitude of angels as the earthly king is surrounded by his courtiers.

angel from heaven

Angels are also spoken of as the heavenly host that accompanies God (cf. Deut. 33: 2), the Lord of hosts (Isa. 6: 3). As individuals, angels most often serve God as his messengers. The angel foretells the birth of Isaac and Samson, prevents Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac (Gen. 22:11), entrusts Moses with the task of rescuing the people of Israel from Egypt (Ex. 3: 2), conveys God entrusts them to protect both individuals and the entire nation of Israel.

When leaving Egypt, the angel of God leads the Israeli companies and then guards their backs (Exodus 14:19). However, God also serves angels when he punishes. Suffice it to recall David who sinned against God in enumerating the people and was punished by the plague in the people performed by the angel of the Lord (2 Sam. 24:16).

angel and a warrior

In the oldest parts of the Bible, angels do not have names or are described. They are spoken of simply as messengers of God. Their relationship with God is so close that sometimes in the text the angel of the Lord grows into the Lord himself, emphasizing God’s presence and authority and man’s inability to meet God directly.

In later parts of the OT, especially in prophetic literature, angels began to be spoken of much more concretely. Thus, for example, the prophet Ezekiel, in his vision of the destruction of Jerusalem (Ezekiel 8:11), describes angels in terms of fire, light, shining metal, or precious stones, with which he previously described the glory of the Lord (Ezek. 1:27). According to Ezekiel, it was not the Babylonians who destroyed Jerusalem but the angels who were depicted as six-armed men (Ezekiel 9: 2).

The prophet thus wants to say that the destruction of Jerusalem remains under the direct control of the God of Israel, that is, that God did not simply leave his people at the mercy of the Babylonians. According to Ezekiel, angels will also be at work when the temple is rebuilt after the Babylonian captivity.

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